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Well hello there, its been a while. and boy oh boy do I have some AMAZING news to share with you.

2020 has been interesting, for lack of a better word...I'm also trying to keep it PG lol. I started working on this website at the beginning of the lockdown, so around March/April simply because I needed something to help me keep my sanity, and I know what you're is putting a website together help with that??? Well...It really helped me focus on what I really needed to do, it helped me look at all the smaller picture to make the big picture happen and most importantly I didn't have any excuses, there was nowhere to go, no work (I worked from home as an interpreter),there was no hanging out with friends... I mean lets be real here everything else was always more important because I was to SCARED... there I said it.

But after all that, the lockdown, the anxiety of being in the middle of a pandemic, the sadness and I am, making big moves and leaving fear behind, I mean there really is no going back now lol.

So now for the good news I promised...The last few months I have not only have I been working on new recipes and holiday menus (the holiday really start in September for ppl in food FYI) but I've been working on finding a more permanent home for LiLu's because this home baker is ready for more. So I am proud to announce that LiLu's is now officially licensed and operating out of commercial kitchen in Milford CT. and not only that but you can now find some of my products at Olive and Henry, a fine food market located in Cheshire CT and I have to say none of this would be possible if it wasn't for all the support I've gotten not only from friends and family but from my customers whose continued support has made this possible. and for all that I am THANKFUL on this THANKSGIVING DAY!!

Stay safe, Be Kind to each other, and stay tune for more, because this girl is making big moves you wont want to miss.

And now off to work on Christmas orders.

*Advent Calendars

*Gingerbread cookies

*Decorated Sugar cookies

*Gingerbread Houses

and much more

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