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Hello there,

It's been a while hasn't it, I stared the year strong doing posts every other week, posting on social media every other day...and then nothing (I know I'm the worst).

I have been doing a lot of behind the scene stuff that I wont bored you with but I will tell you, doing sales taxes every month SUCKS!!!!!

but this Girl is unstoppable

and I refuse to not know EVERY SINGLE THING that goes on with my business,

so if that means I need to wear 100's of hats then I guess that's what I have to do.

But anyways!!!

Spring is here and boy do I love this weather, it reminds me so much of my childhood in Medellin (Colombia) known as "the city of eternal Spring"

Warm days, chilly nights, and the flowers...oh the flowers, their vibrant colors, their sweet light scents and of course WEDDING SEASON!!!!!!!

Any Baker/Decorator will tell you

Wedding cakes are a whole different side of baking. They are not just cake and frosting.

they are a representation of 2 people.

their love, their likes,

their lives coming together to create wonderful new adventures

and somehow as a baker/decorator its my job to capture all of those things into the perfect cake for their special day.

whether its a small cake, or a grandiose 4-5 tier cake

they need to be perfect.

I've done a lot of wedding cakes and tastings,

but I remember my first wedding tasting like it was yesterday...

They were a lovely couple, I remember them telling me how they met,

how he proposed.

how their kids were going to be a part of their wedding party

and how excited they were.

I was nervous, excited, worried LOL

but most importantly I was on a mission.

I wanted everything to be perfect for them, It was important for me that the process felt very organic, I didn't want them to feel pressured or that their vision wasn't being properly translated.

That's why I always recommend my clients to bring pictures,

VISUALS are extremely important and it's the best way to make sure that both the client and myself are on the same page.

Last years wedding season was a DOOZY for sure, along with everything else thanks to Covid.

but with the weather getting nicer,

more and more people getting vaccinated

and some of the restrictions being lifted on gatherings and restaurants, a lot of the weddings that had to be postpone are now getting reschedule

and boy am I a happy camper.

as much work as wedding cakes can be I love every minute of it.

The planning, getting to know the couples, coming up with the perfect design

and of course talking about traditions.

I've had couples who want their cake to be a specific flavor because it's a family tradition,

some people use certain flowers and colors, and there's always the good old freezing the top tier of the cake for your first ANNIVERSAY ( I had someone tell me once that's how you make sure you don't get divorce, but that's a story for another day)

I know its a tradition, but have you ever had a piece of cake that's been frozen for a whole year????

that can not taste good, no matter how well you wrap it, you know that s*%@ is not going to be good LOL.

so I decided to keep a tradition I learn from the first bakery I worked at going

and give all of my couples a free anniversary cake on the house.

Because none of my clients are celebrating their first year with freezer burn cake...not on my watch!!!!

So to make wedding season even sweeter

from now until the end of spring you can use promo code


for 20% OFF any wedding cake.

( Tell all your friends, no like really really tell them all)


As always, Stay safe. Be kind to each other. And stay tune, You won't want to miss a thing!



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