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About Me



Hello there.

My name is Luisa Lievano, I am the owner and culinary mind behind  LiLu's.

 We specialize on custom orders for any occasion, bringing your ideas to  life, using fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Everything is made to order and to your specifications.

I started LiLu's out of a passion for food and most importantly "Food Memories".  Most of my favorite memories revolve around food. Whether is enjoying it with loved ones, or seeing someones face the first time they see their custom cake, it's those little moments that make our memories more special..


I first started working in food in 2010, and like most people I started working the front of the house and slowly started working my way into the kitchen. Once that seed was  planted there was no stopping it. The more I learned the more I fell in love, not just with the food but with the hustle and bustle of being in a kitchen. I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing people that were not just incredible bakers but were also great teachers who showed me the basics and  the rest is history.

LiLu's started as an after hours project. A little cake here, a small cookie order there, and by the time the shoppe I worked for closed its doors for good, I knew  it was time to go on my own. 

so here we are. creating amazing "Food Memories" one order at a time. 


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