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GOOD BYE 2020!!! HELLOOOO 2021!! I know I'm super late.

(parts of this blog post were written weeks ago so bear with me.)

Finally. The dumpster fire that 2020 was is FINALLY OVER!!!... I know, I know, the change on the date doesn't mean things will magically go back to being NORMAL, but mentally it definitely makes a difference.

Unfortunately, we only made it to Day 6 without any incidents. So basically we did a SOFT RESET, when we should have done a full FACTORY RESET... I really try to keep my posts Non Political and light because I want this to be a place for people to get away from everything going on, even if its just for a few minutes. However this one its a hard one to get away from.

I think is fair to say that no matter what your political views might be, the events of Jan 6th 2021 were disgraceful. I don't know about you, but I was shaken to my core. I was sadden, angry, anxious, sicken... the list goes on and on, but don't worry I'm not about to go in a political rant... like I said before, I want this to be a place for people to get away, think about delicious pastries and of course get to know me and my craft a little more, but I did feel that this needed to be acknowledge.... Also we have our FIRST MADDAM VICE PRECIDENT!!!!!

and now that that's done I feel better and can move on to tell you about some great things happening at LiLu's.


First of all... isn't she the cutest??? I mean really, she's ADORBS!!!!

so my last blog was in November... I actually had one set for December but I got crazy busy and just never got finished soooo that's that. (Thank you guys for a great holiday season.)

But New Year, New blog post right LOL, I wont give everything away but I have been working my butt off to not only offer shipping (US only for now) but also have my products available in some local shops, which is SUPER EXCITING!!!!!! 2021 better be ready, because I'm bringing the heat LOL.

January is almost over which means Valentines Day is right around the corner, and boy do I have some goodies for you, Valentine's Day cookies, Macarons, Trendy Geometric Hearts and so much more.

As I had mention in previous posts I have been fortunate to share a kitchen/ Factory with MELT Chocolatier which means not only do I get to work with one of my Best friends-Fam, We get to bounce ideas of each other, collaborate on some great projects (keep an eye out for those) and of course apologize 100 times a day because we are weirdos LOL. It also means that you get to enjoy delicious custom made baked goods and AMAZING hand crafted chocolates, all in one place... It really doesn't get better than that.

As hard as 2020 was, it really made me look at life in ways that I don't think I would have if it wasn't for everything that was going on. It really made me think about where I want to take my business and how I can make it happen so I hope you guys are ready, because I am bringing the heat and taking over the world in 2021. I want more of everything.

Community. Collaborations. And of course I want to create more FOOD MEMORIES!!!!


Stay safe. Be kind to each other. And stay tune, You won't want to miss a thing!



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