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Did you say Vegan!

well hello there.

recently I have been experimenting A LOT with vegan recipes, and as a non-vegan I have to admit, I was a little intimidated. I mean we are talking NO Butter, No Eggs, No Goodness or so I though...

Vegan ingredients have definitely come a long way, and the demand for plant base options is making it more and more accessible, you no longer need to go to specialty markets to get basic ingredients like plant base butters, non dairy milk products or egg substitutes.

As a non vegan myself, making vegan bake good was definitely a huge challenge, specially since I really had no experience in the matter. But I wasn't about to walk away from it

I always like to do my research before trying any new recipe, I love knowing the in's and out's of why things need to be done a certain way, is a bit of a gift in a curse LoL.

so after a lot of reading I was ready to dive in, I had my list of ingredients ready, and a few local places in mind where I knew I could find everything I would need and the confidence that no matter what, these treats would be not only beautiful but most importantly TASTY!

and Boy Oh Boy were they delicious 🤤🤤. There, I said it... delicious bake goods without butter!!!! needless to say my brain was very confused but my taste buds were having a good ole time.

I even made Vegan marshmallow fondant. which I was really excited about. is the little things that make me happy LoL. Trader Joe's has great vegan marshmallows that worked perfectly for it. They are only available during the summer so I always try to stock up while they are around.

This was the final product.

and not to toot my own horn, but toot toot. the cake was spongy and perfectly moist, the butter cream frosting was luscious and smooth and the fondant decorations were the perfect finishing touch.

Needless to say, this non Vegan is ready to take on even more Vegan projects, and make more #foodmemories one order at a time.

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